We have to admit, we had lost all faith in Homeland for a while there. There was no more Brody, no more crazy Carrie, hell, even cry-face went away. However near the end of last season we slowly started to get hooked back in again, so much so, that we're actively looking forward to season five, and can't help respect how well the show has managed to re-invent itself in a post-Brody world.

The action kicks off two years after the end of season four following Carrie's ill-fated tenure as Islamabad station chief. She's living in Berlin now with her daughter and some other fella she seems to be looking lovingly at in the trailer below. She's now estranged from the CIA and working as the head of security for a German philanthropist, although from the looks of it below, the CIA is about to come right back into her life once more, and so is Peter Quinn...

Take a look.

Homeland season 5 will premiere Sunday, October 4th on Showtime in the US, so hopefully won't be too much longer after that for us.