Real talk - Chris Hadfield should get his own TV show alá Cosmos or The Sky At Night.

Any time he talks about space exploration, science, education or even just his time on the ISS, his passion and enthusiasm just beams out of the screen. Commander Hadfield's in town at the minute as he's giving a talk at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre tonight, but he also turned up on Ray D'Arcy Show last night to interview two kids who have their hearts set on becoming astronauts.

The two kids, Emily and Joshua, told Commander Hadfield that they both wanted to be astronauts. Emily, in particular, said she wanted to be the first Irish woman to go into space. Commander Hadfield then explained that he was her age when he decided he was going to be an astronaut, which is basically all the encouragement anyone needs.

Can we be astronauts too?