It's just a week away until the seventh season of Game of Thrones kicks off, and while that is exciting, it will also mark the show's penultimate outing, meaning unfortunately our days of Seven Kingdoms drama are numbered... or are they?

There has been much talk of spin-offs to the show, with HBO and George RR Martin saying they were considering ideas, however, one fan has decided to give them a helping hand and made this very impressive animated prequel to Game of Thrones.

The pilot episode was made by YouTube’s Patrick McCarthy (not Irish... at least not directly) and is set 400 years before the show or books begin. It follows the story of Daenerys ancestors and the often-reverenced fall of Valyria.

This is no slap-dash job either, 'Doom of Valyria' took Patrick two years to complete, and it shows.

Take a look below, and HBO, give Patrick a call.