We may not have our own Bill Cullen version of the show anymore but the UK Apprentice is still going strong with Alan Sugar at the helm. This season things are set to go a little differently though, with twenty participants taking part - ten men and ten women - two of which include Dubliners Pamela Uddin and Roisin Hogan.

The increased number means that basically Sugar can fire as many as he wants throughout the season, well, within reason, which will increase competition between the contenders. Although by the sounds of our ladies, they shouldn't have too much to worry about.

32-year-old Roisin Hogan is an accountant who describes herself as 'a calculated risk taker' and plans to; 'Manipulate, persuade and conquer'. She says she would identify her oppenents weaknesses and pick them off one by one.

No messing with Roisin so!

Pamela Uddin then is a 23-year-old assistant brand manager and describes herself as 'assertive bordering on aggressive' as well as opinionated and innovative.

They certainly aren't selling themselves short are they?

Well let's hope they progress well in the competition where they stand to win an investment of £250,000 (€318,000) into their new business, which Lord Sugar will have a 50% share in.

And sure winning isn't everything either, didn't work out too badly for Jennifer Maguire.


The Apprentice returns to BBC1 next Tuesday and Wednesday (14th and 15th October) and every Wednesday at 9pm thereafter.