Last Friday night's Late Late Show was definitely one of our favourites in a while - all winner no filler, would be the best way to describe it, with guests like the Gleeson clan, Imelda May and John Cleese to name but a few.

On Friday morning last, Tubridy promised on his 2fm radio show that this week was going to be a whopper too, and so far, it's sounding like it will be.

Both Take That and Hozier have been confirmed as music acts on the show, and we can only assume he will be wanting to chat to them too.

Take That have recently become a three piece after Jason Orange left the band, and are all set to go on tour again next year, while Bray native Hozier has taken the world by storm these past twelve months. Seriously, all we need is him to sing Frozen's 'Let it Go', and the planet might implode.

No one else confirmed as of yet, but we will keep you posted!