We love a bit of Europop here in the office and, as you know already, we're rather looking forward to the Eurovision Song Contest, but this morning we found ourselves cackling over our cornflakes when we read the latest news about the competition, and UK entrant Bonnie Tyler in particular.

"It has been said to me over the last couple of weeks, 'You're not going to win this Bonnie, your song's too good'." the singer told The Press Association. "Eurovision - you can't guarantee that it's all about the song, but I'm going to give it my best shot and I think we've got a good chance of having a good score at least... I hope", she said. Well, at least she's being realistic wha?

Y'see, Bonnie's track, 'Believe In Me,' isn't actually that bad (You can watch and listen to it here). It's just that's it's not ridiculously good either. And if Ms Tyler doesn't win, it won't be because she was too good: No, it'll be because Europe (and those countries that we classify as European for one week of the year) thought somebody else was better. Speaking of Eurovision songs that just weren't good enough, here are 5 Irish entries that didn't live up to the hype:

Dervish - You Can't Stop The Spring (2007)
Clearly attempting to play on Riverdance and Eimear Quinn's The Voice, Dervish were the errr, 'Celtic card' that didn't exactly work.

Dustin - Irlande Douze Points (2008)
Look, it seemed utterly hilarious at the time, but there was a reason those Dustin albums only sold well in Ireland. Much like that BBC fox, Basil Brush, nobody outside the home country gets the, errr, unique brand of puppet humour.It was probably better that we didn't make it out of the semi-final...

Donna and Joe - Love (2005)

We're not quite sure what happened here. Perhaps it had something to do with getting a brother and sister act to sing about love? See, Donna and Joe weren't bad singers, they just, well, paled into insignificance when set up against the competiton. Tops of the Town this was not.

Chris Doran - If My World Stopped Turning (2004)

First off, we're delighted to hear a bit of Wogan commentary running over this here video. Poor Chris, they told him he couldn't lose with a song written by Brian McFadden, but he ended up in 22nd place with 7 points.

Sinead Mulvey and Black Daisy - Et Cetera (2009)
Ok, we're not going to lie, we kind of thought this one would do better than it did. 'Et Cetera' was a little bit Avril Lavigne, a little bit Busted, and a breath of fresh air after 'Irlande Douze Points' (which had failed to qualify the year before). Sometimes Ireland has to learn the hard way, wha?