It seems at long last the answer to one of TV lands biggest questions at the moment has been answered, just who will present Top Gear? A shed load of people apparently.

According to UK newspaper The Independent, the new series of the car show will follow a Have I Got News For You format and have a different host each week.

A BBC source told the newspaper: “The master-plan is to reconfigure the show along the lines of the post-Angus Deayton Have I Got News For You, with a different guest hosting each episode.

“Despite their pronouncements of loyalty to Clarkson, Hammond and May have taken the trouble not to resign in protest at his sacking . . . [and] have each been offered £1m a year to keep the Top Gear flame of inspired puerility alive.”

We actually think this format could work quite well, and considering how many people have been in the running to take over from Clarkson, they certainly won't be long filling the first series.

Although we would feel kind of bad for poor Clarkson left out on his tobler without his trustee sidekicks.... but we'll get over that.