His upcoming film, Locke, is a creepy thriller set in our time. However, for his next project, Tom Hardy is going right back to the 1800's. Teaming up with none other than Sir Ridley Scott and screenwriter Steven Knight, Hardy will star in Taboo - a BBC miniseries that focuses on an adventurer who becomes entwined in political machinations involving colonial Britain, America and the East India Company.

What's that, you ask? According to screenwriter Steven Knight, the East India Company was "the equivalent to the CIA, NSA and the biggest, baddest multinational corporation on earth, all rolled into one self righteous, religiously motivated monolith". Right. As you do.

Scott is no stranger to TV, with The Good Wife in its fifth season whilst Hardy is also set to appear on BBC's Peaky Blinders, starring The Dark Knight Rises castmate Cillian Murphy.