Acting classes are incredibly common for professional actors, throughout all stages of their career.

There's all sorts of exercises they have to go through in order to get in the zone, whether it be role-playing work or, in other cases, repetition. Repetition exercises usually consist of a call-and-response scene, where an actor has to give a different reading on each response.

Again, all very common - but going right into the middle of one during a segment on 'Graham Norton' isn't. At all. It gets even less common when it's two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks leading the acting lesson with 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' lead Tom Holland, with Jake Gyllenhaal and Gwyneth Paltrow following along.

So it went on last night's show, with Hanks explaining how recording sessions for 'Toy Story 4' are often exhausting - because of repetition. It's that thing where you have to give a different version in each take, each either a little bit more or less amped up, and all of it while keeping to the lines in front of you.

For his part, Tom Holland seemed to be really getting something out of it because, well, it's Tom Hanks and he's getting a free acting lesson out of it.

Take a look.