Given how New York is one of the worst-affected places in the US at the moment, it's no surprise that 'SNL' isn't going ahead as it would normally.

In fact, 'SNL' attempted its very first 'stay-at-home' episode with the entire cast of the show performing sketches and segments like Weekend Update from their own home. Even the host of the show - Tom Hanks - had to do his monologue from his surprisingly modest-looking kitchen.

In typical Dad joke fashion, Hanks riffed about his diagnosis, talked about how he hasn't worn a suit in over a month, and then tried out some material which saw him wearing a fake moustache and affecting a terrible Australian accent asking about Vegemite.

Listen, if inoffensive Dad humour is what's getting people through all of this, then who are we or anyone else to judge? Maybe people just need a sensible chuckle or a generous eye-roll to make all it seem not quite so bad, eh?

Take a look.