One of the most high-profile people to receive a diagnosis in all of this was undoubtedly Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

The pair tested positive while in Australia filming Baz Luhrmann's upcoming 'Elvis' biopic, and were in self-isolation and quarantine since then. Of course, while there, they were posting chess games online, rapping to '90s hip-hop, and just generally being the wholesome celebrity couple we all hope they'd be.

Well, good news is they both are still doing just fine and what's more, it looks like both of them are out of quarantine and back in the US after their ordeal. While nobody's sure whether or not immunity is a thing following a diagnosis, they both looked A-OK from the photos doing the rounds.

Hanks and Wilson were spotted by photographers driving around Los Angeles yesterday - in their car, so that means they were maintaining social distancing protocols - and just generally seemed fine.

As many people pointed, it was almost as if it chose the celebrities we like the most, as if to make a point. First Tom Hanks, then Idris Elba? Come on, like.

Anyway, let this be a reminder to us all that if Tom Hanks can get through this, we all can.