Host Ryan Tubridy gave us the lowdown on what to expect on the iconic Irish staple later this year.

This year's 'Late Late Toy Show' will be adapting to the times, and will look a whole lot different. That's according to the show's host Ryan Tubridy, who joined us for the launch of RTE's new season of content earlier this week.

As well as 'The Late Late Show' returning after an unforgettable season earlier this year, the 'Toy Show' will also return. Tubridy, who is set to host for his twelfth year in a row, has promised a 'Late Late Toy Show' like no other this Christmas. And just like the regular series, they won't be any audience.

Tubridy informed us that the show will be "radically different" in every aspect possible. From the show's musical opening, to the character he will be playing for the night, this year's interpretation will also see the host attempt to bring those currently unable to travel home this Christmas onto our TV screens. So those of you who will be having your Christmas abroad this year now is your chance to get involved.

However, he did stress that adhering to government guidelines means that anything could change a week before the show is due to air. He said the Irish institution will be more "Covid-aware" and "Covid-friendly". Opening up further on the show, he clarified "it won't be tiny... It'll just be careful".

Ever hopeful, Tubridy said that he and his team will find a way and a means to bring the 'Toy Show' that they want to deliver into our living rooms. Even if there is a limited amount of children in the studio, he joked: "The thought of doing a toy demonstration on Zoom would just be... too much for anyone!"

In terms of the regular 'Late Late Show' series, the new season will be back on the air next week, beginning September 4. As the tail-end of last season adapted to the restrictions, expect more of a mix between in-house guests as well as video interviews to take place each Friday night.

Here's a throwback to the 'Toy Show' of 2015, which opened up with 'Be Our Guest' from Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast'.