As the boredom begins to ever-so-slightly creep in these days, it's encouraging to know that people are finding plenty of ways to keep themselves occupied.

One such person who found a wonderful way to spend her time recently is actress Mary Neely, who decided to do a reenactment of 'Beauty and the Beast' all by herself. Yep, the full opening number of 'Belle' from the original 1992 Disney classic has been recreated by just one person.

Making use of what seems like a vast clothing collection from home, the actress embodies each and every character from the opening scene of the movie as Belle walks through the "quiet" French village where every day is "like the one before"... Hmmm, sounds familiar.

Anyway, if Disney movies and dazzling recreations of their musical hits are your thing, then here's the reenactment of 'Beauty and the Beast' for you to enjoy in all of its wonder.

And yes, there's a part two.

And naturally, a part three too.