The new series of 'Love Island' kicked off last night.

There were some cringey moments and funny ones, with very little actual romance in between. One thing's for sure. This year's 'Love Island' contestants are well fit.

While Sharif's "It is what it is" is already the show's new catchphrase, and Lucie Donlan's attempt at introducing the word 'Bev' to the contestants gained a lot of traction, it was another contestant who gained more followers than anyone else after last night's episode. conducted a study to find out who had the highest increase of new followers - and percentage increases - upon entering the villa compared to the total number of followers gained since the line-up was first announced.

It found that Tommy Fury, the brother of Tyson Fury gained the most followers. With 103,300, he gained a total increase of 148% increase.

Lucie also proved popular. She ranked second with the most followers on Instagram with 87,000; but had the third lowest percentage increase at 124%.

Callum Macleod garnered the lowest number of followers at 26,700. Mind you he'd the fourth highest percentage increase at 192%.

The Islanders with the greatest shift in followers after the first episode include: Lucie Donlan (87,000), Anna Vakili (61,500), Amber Gill (55,100) and Michael Griffiths (46,800).

The Islanders with the greatest percentage increase include: Joe Garratt (236%), Sherif Lanre (234%), Amy Hart (197%), Yewande Biala and Callum Macleod both with 192%.

You can follow all the Love Islanders on Instagram here.


Other Social Stats

Social media analytics company Meltwater also had a look at the social media stats from 'Love Island' episode one.

It found that the show got 591,430 (11.5k of which were from Ireland) mentions on social, an increase of 37% from last year.

Anton was the most discussed contestant (53,095), followed by Yewande (44,764) and Sherif (40,377).

Lucie's catchphrase bev was discussed nearly 20,000 times while Tyson Fury was discussed just over 18,000 times. The word 'black', in relation to a lack of diversity on the show was discussed 17,116 times.

And here were the top tweets: