The limited series is set to put the former UK Prime Minister under the spotlight during one of the most world-changing moments in the country's history - but what's his view on cake?

2020 is a year, generally speaking, most of us would rather forget. However, that very year is set to be revisited once again in the upcoming Sky Original drama series 'This England'.

Based on Boris Johnson’s tumultuous first months as Prime Minister, and starring Kenneth Branagh as the man in question, the series will follow the new PM as the global pandemic is just beginning.

As we can see in the trailer, the series will cover Johnson's hospitalisation during 2020, when he caught COVID after visiting the sick and shaking hands with patients while being treated in hospital. We also see many emergency board meetings taking place, people running around like headless chickens, and what looks to be some partying going on behind closed doors.

All six episodes of the limited series will be available at once via Sky Atlantic and streaming service NOW this coming September.

Here's the trailer.

The drama takes us inside the halls of power, as Johnson (Branagh) grapples with Covid-19, Brexit, and a controversial personal and political life. The events in government are interwoven with stories from around the country, from the experts and scientists racing against time to understand the virus; the doctors, nurses and care-home workers on the frontline working tirelessly and heroically to contain and overcome it; and ordinary people whose lives were thrown into turmoil.

'This England' will be available on Sky Atlantic and streaming service NOW from Wednesday, September 21.