If you need to drown your sorrows over the fact that Game of Thrones' next season is going to be delayed, or the fact that it's almost over, you're in luck.

There's now a Game of Thrones pub crawl you can go on through Northern Ireland that pairs filming locations of the show with specific pubs. What's more, there's also a beautiful door carved with a special Game of Thrones design in each pub made from some very special wood.

You might be familiar with the Dark Hedges - they've featured pretty regularly in Game of Thrones and they're a well-known landmark way up North. Anyway, last winter, a few of the trees collapsed and the resulting timber has been crafted into beautiful doors that now hang up in ten specific pubs around Northern Ireland.

Each door is crafted with a beautiful inlay design that focuses on a particular story from Game of Thrones that was also filmed nearby. There's ten doors in total, spread across ten pubs in Northern Ireland.

The locations, if you're planning on taking the pub crawl, are all in this handy little map. Just tap the image to expand it and, as you can see, they also show where specific locations are doubling for.


Via Tourism Ireland