'Love Island' is back on our tellys tonight and we've been given one more tease before it all kicks off.

We didn't cop this change to the 'Love Island' villa. But it just goes to show, it's probably necessary.

Host Caroline Flack revealed that one of the features of the villa is in a new spot.

The hot tub will no longer be in the villa garden. Rather, it's been moved to the private location within the villa, The Hideaway. Thus only the lucky couples nominated to spend the night in the private bedroom will have full access to it.

Flack said the reason for the move was down to the fact that the tub was rarely used. Last year, 'Love Island' viewers will recall, the contestants tended to opt for the larger swimming pool instead.

Flack also suggested that islanders could use the tub if couple plan on getting more intimate (sex, she meant sex). She said:

“If I was an islander, and I was feeling frisky, I would get down and dirty in the hot tub, because you can put the bubbles on and the cameras can’t see what’s going on.”

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The first episode of 'Love Island' airs on Virgin Media Two tonight (Monday June 3rd) at 9pm.