These dating shows are all fun and giggles to watch, but the popularity of the First Dates format we believe has always been that the show genuinely does try put people together that they believe would be a match. Sometimes they get it wrong of course, but often there can at least be enough of a spark for a second date, and once in a while, cupid's arrow can take them all the way down the aisle.

Of course First Dates Ireland is only in its early days with just one season under its belt, but already they have a couple that are still going strong.

Irish dancer Katie Greene and interior designer Ciaran Farrell met on last year's show, and while Ciaran at first seemed painfully shy, the pair did end up getting along over dinner. The only issue was, Katie was moving to Toronto three weeks later. However, they have made it work, with Ciaran telling Ryan Tubridy this morning, "I went off and I followed her across the hills."

"We kept in constant contact and I had already been thinking of going over to see her and was waiting to see how she felt, although I already knew she'd like to see me," he said.

"I hopped on a plane in October and I went to see her for a week. It was brilliant. We went to Niagara Falls, we had Thanksgiving dinner with her friends and went gambling in the casinos.

"On the last night I was there we had dinner in the CN Tower and when we came out, the week had went went so well, that I asked her to be my girlfriend."

While Katie said, "I have some great things to move home for and now I have one more great thing."

Could we get our first First Dates Ireland wedding down the line? No pressure guys, but you know, make it happen.

Catch the new series of First Dates Ireland tonight on RTE2 at 9.30pm.