The privileged white folks will be taking their obnoxious requests to Europe for the follow-up season.

HBO's 'The White Lotus' is shaking things up for season two by jetting its holiday-makers off to another luxurious location - Sicily. Variety confirmed that the Mediterranean island off the coast of Italy will be the next sunny setting for season two at a hotel resort.

The eagerly-anticipated second season of the dark comedy created by Mark White will see a fresh batch of the uber-rich attempt to have a relaxing vacation while simultaneously creating utter havoc for the people who have to look after them at the resort. Season one alluded to one of the characters being killed off in the opening episode, which was revealed in the season finale.

Jennifer Coolidge's character, the morbid heiress looking for love Tanya McQuoid, is the only star set to return for season two. With Tanya deciding to stay with Jon Gries' character Greg during the season finale, which was set in Hawaii, it will be interesting to see what happened since we last saw the flush-with-cash millionaire.

Joining the second season on the Italian island will be previously announced cast Aubrey Plaza ('Parks and Recreation', 'Legion') and Michael Imperioli ('The Sopranos'), plus newcomers Tom Hollander ('The King's Man') F. Murray Abraham ('The Grand Budapest Hotel'), Adam DiMarco (Netflix's The Order'), and Haley Lu Richardson ('Jane The Virgin').

Plaza will play the role of Harper Spiller who is "a woman on vacation with her husband and his friends" while Imperioli will play Dominic Di Grasso, who is a man travelling with his elderly father (Abraham) and college-graduate son (DiMarco). Hollander will play Quentin, an English expat; while Richardson is Portia, a young woman travelling with her boss (who is believed to be Jennifer Coolidge's Tanya McQuoid).

In an interview with Variety this week, Plaza revealed her excitement about working with White and also mentioned they were working together on another project but it "kind of got messed up by the COVID of it all".

"I was a fan of season one, but more importantly, I was a big Mike White fan. So I’m very excited to work with him. I’m very honoured to be on this television series, and I hope I don’t let everybody down. It seems like everyone watched this show."

Season two of 'The White Lotus' will be filmed at The Four Seasons San Domenico Palace in the Sicilian resort town of Taormina. According to their website, the hotel will be closed to guests until April 1 while filming gets underway.