While some complained that season two of 'The White Lotus' spent far too long setting things up rather than having things actually happen, viewers definitely can't say that about the finale.

After six episodes of slowly building tension and mystery (we knew from the first episode there was at least one dead body to be identified), the season finale delivered on its promise of being "epic", rounding out all the character arcs but still leaving some things unsolved to keep us thinking about after. And as Daphne said herself, a little mystery is kinda sexy.

On the whole, though, there was resolution for most of the simmering drama, and without going into spoiler territory, some of it even managed to come out of left field despite internet sleuths thinking they'd figured it all out weeks ago.

And lo and behold, it's all the internet can talk about today. If you haven't caught up on the finale or the series yet, we highly recommend steering back to shore because it's dangerous out here on the spoilery Ionian sea, matey.

If you know, you know.

Yes, we really did say "arrivederci" to the icon and the legend that was Tanya McQuoid in simultaneously the most expected and unexpected turn of events, with Jennifer Coolidge cementing her status as a comedy acting god.

Honestly, this was everything.

Meanwhile, Portia somehow survived (despite getting into the car with the walking red flag of a man she'd known for three days who she knew hid her phone) and continued giving the people classic Portia.

And surprising everyone, Daphne turned out to be the one who has it all figured out (and if Meghann Fahy doesn't end up with an Emmy after this, we riot).

The real winners, however, turned out to be everyone's favourite Sicilian locals, Lucia and Mia. Joanne the Scammer would be proud.

And pour one out for the theme music, which still slaps seven weeks later. We'll miss you.

See you next year for season three.

'The White Lotus' is available to watch on Sky and NOW, eh, now.