The X Factor is contracted to run until 2022 so fans of the singing competition reality series should be delighted.

But with continually plummeting viewing figures and recent winners fading into obscurity (who actually remembers 2018's winner Dalton Harris, 2017's winner Rak-su or 2016's Matt Terry?), it begs the question, is it time for The X Factor to end?

Well one guy who wants to maintain the hype is stalwart of the show Louis Walsh.

He recently confirmed that X Factor All Stars (spin-off to The X-Factor and vague attempt at re-branding) will include some familiar faces.

Leona Lewis, Shayne Ward and Alexandra Burke are going back to where it all began.

The three of them are former winners of the series from 2006, 2005 and 2008, respectively. They went on to have (actual) lucrative careers.

All Stars is due to air this autumn. Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger join Louis as judges.

Louis explained that once they've finished filming the celebrity version of the show, they'll start working on All Stars.

He said: "It’s been so long as the old X Factor it had to change. I don’t know what he’s [Simon] planning for next year but this year I think the celebrity version is going to be brilliant and then the best of is like, wow.

"We haven’t been told who the celebrities are I’ve just read bits in the papers. They want it to be a surprise to us when they walk out.

"It’s going to be great, and then we do the 'best of' all in one week, all the winners are coming back. Leona's coming back, Alexandra, Shayne, they’re all coming back."

He added:

"It’s going to be new and fun, it’s going to be Love Island meets everything, it’s going to be bigger and better."

There you have it folks, Love Island meets everything.

May God have mercy on us all...