The IT Crowd is undoubtedly a comedy darling over this side of the pond, naturally as it's the show that brought Chris O'Dowd, Richard Ayoade and Katherine Parkinson into all our lives. It didn't translate quite so well across the pond a few years ago however, when its US version didn't exactly take off (it didn't make it passed its pilot stage).

Now however, they've decided to give it another whack, and this one sounds like it's destined for far greater things. NBC have taken it on board and ordered a new pilot from Scrubs creator and Cougar Town co-creator Bill Lawrence. The show of course was initially written and created by Irish screenwriter Graham Linehan, although he won't have anything to do with this project.

Deadline has reported that Community's Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan are also on board to work on the pilot - so a very promising team by all accounts!

With Chris O'Dowd based over in the States these days too, maybe he will even be brought in on some level. He is on board to executive produce the US remake of Moone Boy too after all, there's no stopping him!

Here's a glance at America's first attempt with the show... hopefully they will try have a little more imagination with it this time round...