Sorry Channel 4, but this was the poorest season yet.

The 'Bake Off' final normally brings with it a huge spectacle of awe-inspiring bakes from the top three contestants of the competition - but this year's big finale proved to be a bit of a disappointment.

The three bakers - Syabira, Abdul and Sandro - had consistently impressed throughout the whole competition and were all worthy finalists. The tasks set for them, however, were - if we can use a technical term - higgeldy-piggeldy.

And you know what, it's a theme that's really plagued this year's season overall. With the baking competition expected to return yet again next year, there are a few things that really need to be ironed out to make the series a bit more memorable once again.

The most glaring change that needs to happen is time. Give the bakers more time, please. We understand that it's a competition and it's a bit of craic watching the bakers running around looking a bit manic, but when the end result is something that's barely edible or looks more like a stick figure than a 3D sculpture, it takes the fun out of watching the show and instead makes it more of a slog.

Secondly, bring it back to basics. The Technical challenges this year have been a great example of just how ridiculously (and unnecessarily) difficult the competition has been. Vertical tarts? Spring rolls? Tacos? It's been a bit of a stretch in terms of "baking" abilities all round. We'd rather see them go the route of red velvet cake and lemon meringue pie that we've also seen this season; challenge them with something ostensibly simple to make - because we all know in the 'Bake Off' tent, anything can happen.

It's become increasingly obvious that the judges (or perhaps production) have set the bakers up for failure even before they begin their challenge.

And thirdly, it's time to switch up the judges and the presenters once again. Noel Fielding and his vast array of '80s knits is the only likeable presence here, unfortunately. Matt Lucas makes the bakers uncomfortable with his awkward jokes, while Prue Leith stands in Paul Hollywood's shadow as the boozy aunt who gets a couple of words in before the "blue-eyed handshake man" takes over the conversation and rips the bakes apart.

Noel was missing for half of last night's episode, and we really missed his chilled presence amongst all of the mayhem.

All of our gripes aside, the 'Bake Off' final crowned its winner of season 13! Surprising nobody, the cute little angel known as Syabira baked her socks off all season to become the latest winner of the competition.

Now, who's game for an All Stars version of the show? Sign us up.

In terms of what's next for 'Bake Off', later this year we should be getting one or two festive editions. Last year we had an 'It's A Sin' cast version air on Christmas Day, while some returning bakers re-entered the tent for a New Year's Day special. Most information will be released by Channel 4 in the coming weeks.