It hasn't been the best few weeks for the late-night host.

No-one dares steal from Richmond from 'The IT Crowd'... or do they? A video showing James Corden telling a very similar joke to Noel Fielding has resurfaced online, further fuelling the late-night show host's inability to make up his own quips.

The video has been doing the rounds online, which is a joke about being mugged in the street from one of Fielding's comedy sets from 2010. Corden appears to regurgitate a similar story in 2017 on the sofa of his US chat show while joined by Matthew Broderick, Christopher Meloni and Gina Rodriguez.

Take a look at the incriminating video for yourself below.

Very similar, right? Fielding actually replied to a fan who had tweeted about the similarities back in 2017 too, writing at the time: "Yes I believe this is my material x".

The James Corden x Noel Fielding joke comes in the wake of the presenter being accused of stealing a joke from another well-regarded stand-up comic.

Earlier this week, Corden "created" a gag about hanging a sign up in a town square about guitar lessons and someone giving out about the sign. It was nearly word-for-word what Ricky Gervais had already joked about in his 2018 Netflix special 'Humanity'.

Corden later tweeted he had "inadvertently told a brilliant Ricky Gervais joke" and apologised for doing so. Either Corden or his writing team (or potentially both) need to get themselves some new material stat.

Corden hasn't been having the easiest time of late, after being publicly dragged for his rude behaviour towards wait staff at a New York City restaurant on a couple of occasions. Although the ban was lifted, and Corden apologised, a whiff of unlikability still hangs in the air regarding the performer.

James Corden will finish hosting his late-night chat show in the new year. Noel Fielding will star in an exclusive Apple TV+ comedy series next year.