With the first live show of the season down, 'X Factor' bosses are going to have to work harder if they want to keep audiences going with the series.

In what seemed like a fairly lacklustre crop of talent, Scarlett Lee's performance of soul staple 'Natural Woman' appeared to be the clear winner on the night, but little else appeared to be going right. Danny Tetley's announcement was botched when Anthony Russell - who had already performed - was called to the stage.

Meanwhile, Robbie Williams' dig at Louis Tomlinson and One Direction didn't exactly land with either social media or the live audience either. Not only that, Tomlinson appeared to clash with Simon Cowell over Irish act Brendan Murray's performance, which Cowell had branded as 'boring'.

One week in and they're already going for this angle. Here's some of the best tweets on the night.