Do you put up your tree before 'The Late Late Toy Show' to ensure you're at your most festive? Or are a fresh pair of pyjamas and a cheeky early opening of a selection box all you need to get in the mood?

'The Late Late Toy Show' is less a tradition and more an institution at this stage, not only the Irish TV event of the year but a date marked in the calendar months in advance for families all over the country, one that brings young and old to the sofa to enjoy some good old fashioned Christmas carnage.

There are various ways to mark the occasion, big and small. For many, it's the first official date that the Christmas stash can be torn into, with tins of Roses and boxes of Tayto being passed around with zeal (and we all know you have to move fast to get the good ones).

For others, the tree goes up, the wine gets mulled and the fire is lit for an evening so cosy that even hygge enthusiasts would think is OTT. And don't even get us started on Twitter.

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Catch 'The Late Late Toy Show' this Friday, 30th November on RTÉ One at 9.35pm.