There are so many great TV shows out there at the moment that you really have to be certain when you make a commitment to watching an entire box set, as more often than not, you eat breathe and sleep the show until it's done. It's all you can think about, all you want to talk about, and the theme tune of it is pretty much your default setting, much to the sheer delight of your family and co-workers. We blame Sky, who currently have new box sets coming out of their ears.

You may begin watching as just slightly curious, but pretty soon something happens to hook you in, and by then, it's already too late for you

Stage 1 -  Just One More

You, my friend, are now an addict. You crave another episode of your box set more than you crave sleep, more than you care about your job, your social life - you get the picture. Your whole life has now becomes focused on when you can watch another episode of your favourite show next. Nope, those bags under your eyes in the office aren't from a mad one the night before, you were simply up late chilling out with Don Draper and the gang.

Stage 2 - The Preacher

You're so far gone now, that when friends ask if you have any news, your mind automatically flicks back to the lives of the fictional characters that now inhabit your brain. Does that latest life saving operation on Grey's Anatomy count as your news? Is that hilarious oneliner you have in your head yours or Phil Dunphy's? Either way, soon you will find it is all you can talk about - and while those who are watching it too are happy to indulge, it will become your new life work to get those friends who aren't watching it on board.

Stage 3 - The Void

It's over. Done. You've reached the end of the road where there are either no new episodes to watch and you have to wait week by week like a schmuck, or else the story has come to an end and now all you're left is wondering about is if they will ever make a spin-off (they will).

Stage 4 - Here we go again

The wait usually doesn't last long though until you have a 'Stage 4' person yammering on to you about their latest TV show addiction, and soon you find yourself pressing play and falling down that wonderous rabbit hole all over again.

God speed, our fellow telly addict friends!

Rest assured though, there's no hope of you running out of shows to watch any time soon. Click here to catch all of the box sets everyone's talking about with Sky Box Sets.