It's all about revivals on TV. With Heroes getting a reboot, 24 is also getting one as well. A 12-part miniseries, Live Another Day, will see everyone's favourite CTU-agent-traitor-terrorist-whatever Jack Bauer on the job again trying to prevent a global disaster. Instead of running around New York, this time he's in London trying to - we're guessing from this teaser - prevent the assassination of the US President.

Stephen Fry will be guest-starring as the UK Prime Minister and series regular Mary Lynn Rajskub will be reprising her role as Chloe O'Brien. Yvonne Strahovski, who people may recognise from Chuck or the videogame Mass Effect 2, will also star in the miniseries. Depending on how well this does, there's talk of there possibly being another miniseries or even - gasp - a full series.

Initial thoughts? 24 pretty much ran its course, we think. Trying to bring it back for another miniseries is cool and all, but it smacks of desperation. Leave it alone, folks.