RTÉ's latest drama 'Taken Down' is heading towards its finale on Sunday. The show, which follows an investigation into the murder of a resident in a Direct Provision centre in Dublin, has proved a major talking point for viewers of the series.

While the reaction has been predominantly positive, those on Twitter will know that there has been some who are openly racist when referencing the show.

'Taken Down' co-creator, best-selling Dublin author Jo Spain, chatted to entertainment.ie's The Telly Show this week about the positive and negative response she has received about the series.

"The reaction to it has been on the one hand phenomenal, and there's a huge positivity for it I think but there's also the other side... to be honest, the other side doesn't bother me so much, I get trolled by a lot of racists and I'm muting every week."

She continued: "It's easy for me to do this because when I walk around the street I'm not noticeably different. So okay, I choose to go on Twitter and people might tag me and say nasty stuff, but I can just mute them. I'm not dealing with this on a day to day basis, which is what people who suffer from racism have to deal with."

Speaking about why she decided to go with the subject matters she did for the series, Jo said: "I know when I started looking into direct provision and trafficking that goes on in the country, that was the story I wanted to tell."

She went on on to say: "If we [the team including co-writer Stuart Carolan] can make people talk about this, we'll have done a good job."

You can catch the full interview with Jo Spain in this week's episode of The Telly Show, below: