Summer can sometimes see a bit of a lull in TV land as most shows are waiting for the Autumn schedule to get kicked off, however we have had some petty decent offerings the last few months, so the good folk at Uproxx decided to tally just what was proving the most popular in the US.

Note, these are just the scripted dramas so they don't feature reality shows and talent competitions and the like.

The below stats are taken from the 7 day ratings for shows on network and cable television in the US over the course of the summer to date, and while many may have expected True Detective to be sailing away with it, it's actually M. Night Shyamalan series, Wayward Pines, that clinched the number one spot.

You can see the full list below...

1. Wayward Pines (Fox) — 2.4

2. True Detective (HBO) — 2.1

3. Under the Dome (CBS) — 2.2

4. The Whispers (ABC) — 1.5

5. Ballers (HBO) — 1.4

6. Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family) — 1.4

7. The Last Ship (TNT) — 1.4

8. Rizzoli and Isles (TNT) — 1.3

9. Astronaut Wives Club (ABC) — 1.3

10. Suits (USA) — 1.2

11. Falling Skies (TNT) — 1.1

12. Power (Starz) — 1.0

13. Major Crimes (TNT) — 1.0

14. Mr. Robot (USA) — 0.9

15. Humans (AMC) — 0.9