Amazon Studios has unveiled plans for 'Eco-Challenge 2019', which is set to be the toughest global outdoor multi-sport endurance race on Earth.

After just announcing plans for comic novelist Neil Gaiman to have free reign of new TV series' hitting their studios, Amazon are also teaming up with MGM Television, Award-winning producer Mark Burnett, and host Bear Grylls

In what sounds like 'Ninja Warrior' out in the wilderness, the new epic ten-episode series will pit teams of four competitors selected from around the world against each other, along with mother nature, in this gruelling 24-hours a day, multi-day race. Teams will have to be the fittest of the fit for the show, as activities could include anything from whitewater rafting and horseback riding, to scuba diving and mountain biking.

What has us most excited for 'Eco-Challenge 2019' is that Mark Burnett, the Executive Producer of 'Survivor' (which is still running can you believe), will be acting as Producer on the show, so we just know there will be plenty of arguments and drama along the way. 

No word yet on where exactly the location for 'Eco-Challenge 2019' is, but we just hope it's not set in the Scottish highlands like Channel 4's ill-fated show 'Eden'

Bear Grylls had this to say about the show, "Eco-Challenge is the ultimate survival-adventure race, against the elements, against the clock, and against some of the greatest extreme athletes the world has ever seen".