Don't throw out your spidey-suits just yet, as it looks like we might be getting more of the famous wall-climber.

And this time, it'll be a return to animation on our TV screens.

Due to the massive success of 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' at the box office in the last number of weeks, Sony are keen to get the ball rolling on spin-offs related to the animated movie.

'Into the Spider-Verse' included different variations of the classic Peter Parker Spider-Man that we all know and love; from Miles Morales, to Spider-Gwen, to Nicholas Cage's Spider-Man Noir, the movie certainly lived up to its title.

Now, due to the swinging success of the movie, Sony has big plans ahead. According to The New York Times, the studio want to create potential spidey-related spin-offs. However, while we'd love to see a TV series based on Spider-Ham, there might be some contractual issues that need to be ironed out first.

You see, when Sony signed their 2009 deal with Marvel, this meant that they gave up their TV rights to any Spider-Man series in the future.

However, since Sony own the movie rights to Spider-Man and all of his related characters, and since 'Into the Spider-Verse' was so successful, they might not have as big a problem at twisting Disney's arm.

The Sony Pictures' Tom Holland-centred reboot in 2017 cemented the studios' Spidey commitment (it probably also helps that Disney and Marvel Studios produce and have creative lead now). But they will now need to convince Disney to hand back their TV rights to go ahead with their plans.

Hopefully we'll hear more news about the potential spin-off series' soon. The current 'Spider-Man' animated TV series has already ran for two seasons on children's channel Disney XD.