As you'd expect with 'Fleabag' creator and English person Phoebe Waller-Bridge hosting last night's 'SNL', the biggest English and Irish television event of the summer - 'Love Island' - was going to feature somewhere.

Sure enough, a sketch concerning 'Love Island' made its way onto 'SNL' and, by and large, it sailed so far past the mark that you get the sense not only did whoever wrote the sketch watched highlight clips on YouTube but was also a bit classist about it?

Not only that, there's also the fact that Maura Higgins' accent - all the accents, in fact - are so painfully bad that it's hurtful to listen to. It's nearly as bad as that sketch they did with Saoirse Ronan playing an Aer Lingus flight attendant, or that one with Bill Hader on a Irish dating show.

In short, it's just p*ss-poor writing, but to be fair, 'SNL' is more than miss than hit these days so you can't really expect anything less.

Take a look and see for yourself.