When it comes to celebratory photos, your mind would naturally drift to sports personalities roaring and clenching their fists in hard-won joy on the field.

Footballers, tennis players, whatever - it's a common theme, but what you rarely see and almost never gets the credit it deserves is the post-awards win photo. Well, that's all about to change, thanks to Phoebe Waller-Bridge and this photo of her at the Chateau Mormont in Hollywood after bagging three Emmys for 'Fleabag'.

Parked on a sun lounger, a smoke in one hand and a margarita (with no salt lip) in the other and surrounded by Emmy statues, it's an inspiration to us all. Even if smoking isn't cool.

Take a look.

Again, to reiterate, smoking is not cool and you definitely shouldn't do it at all. That said, look how f*cking cool Phoebe Waller-Bridge looks. Just look at it.

That's the kind of victory pose we should all aspire to. One in the morning, half-jarred with a margarita and a cigarette hanging out of your mouth, and surrounded by golden statues you won.