With the highlight of last week's US Vice Presidential Debate being a fly on top of Mike Pence's head for about twenty minutes, it was all but guaranteed that 'SNL' would make something out of it.

The cold open for last night's show saw Maya Rudolph back in action as Democrat VP nominee Kamala Harris with a pitch-perfect voice, while castmember Beck Bennett's reliable Mike Pence impression faced off against her.

Naturally, the fly part didn't come until the halfway point with Jim Carrey's Joe Biden folding himself into the sketch by transporting himself ala David Cronenberg's 'The Fly' to the debate and landing on Mike Pence's head. If that wasn't weird enough, he then starts transforming into Jeff Goldblum in 'The Fly', while the reincarnation of Republican politician Herman Cain turned up as a fly.

Like we said at the top, it got weird. Quite weird for 'SNL', but not that weird for Jim Carrey in general terms.

Take a look.