Donald Trump's henchman Vice President, Mike Pence, is currently in Ireland today on an official state visit.

While Pence's plane touched down in Shannon, he's expected to arrive in Dublin later today to meet with President Michael D. Higgins, not to mention a dinner later in the evening with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and his partner, Dr. Matthew Barrett.

However, Amnesty International is organising an event at the Dáil which sounds like a lot more fun than all of these combined. The Disco At The Dáil runs from 1PM this evening to 3PM and will see two hours of blistering, sweaty, disco music blared out in protest over Mike Pence and Donald Trump's vehemently anti-LGBT policies.

Per the official release by Amnesty International, "Trump and Pence have spear-headed policies that target refugees and migrants, women, LGBTI people, amongst so many others, as well as pushing climate change denial and dangerous rhetoric against journalists and anyone who opposes them," and described the event as "a celebration and of all the people that Pence and Trump’s cruel policies discriminate against."

There's no word yet on whether or not Mike Pence is expected to be at the Dáil when the disco is happening, but Amnesty International have extended the Vice President a formal invitation to their big disco, so here's hoping he attends and gets to hear some disco hits like this.