'Smother' reached its dramatic conclusion last night and those following the series shared their reaction to the ending on Twitter.

Be warned that 'Smother' ***SPOILERS*** follow.

'Smother' depicts a family reeling in the aftermath of the death of their father, Denis Ahern (Stuart Graham).

Matriarch of the clan Val (Dervla Kirwan) quickly suspects that there was foul play in his death. Indeed, last night's episode revealed exactly who was responsible.

It turned out that egged on by his daughter Anna (Gemma-Leah Devereux), Denis was pushing Elaine (Justine Mitchell) into giving up custody of her kids.

Upon realising that she can't be without her two sons, and learning that her ex-husband Rory (Lochlann O'Mearáin) is dying, she confront Denis on a cliffside and after a scuffle, he ends up tossed over it.

There were a few other twists involved in the conclusion to 'Smother', including Rory taking the wrap for Elaine, since he'll die before he'll even get to serve his time, which is a plan devised by Val.

Moreover, in the episode's final moments, it looks like Val and Elaine are aware that Denis could've been saved as the latter finds him at the bottom of the cliff, spluttering up blood and asking for help. But she opts not to call 999.

As for the final conclusions for other characters, you'll just have to go and watch the series yourself.

The reception to the final 'Smother' episode was generally positive. They praised the writing and performances.

You can watch all six parts of 'Smother' on the RTÉ Player now.