In what will surely go down as one of the most horrifying moments in RTÉ News history - except for that time Aengus Mac Grianna was caught on camera fixing his makeup - the full magic powers of RTÉ News presenters was revealed on air.

After the sign-off on the Six One News, presenters Eileen Whelan and Ray Kennedy suddenly disappeared from their chairs and were replaced by a spooky backdrop, wolves howling and bats flying right at the screen.

Take a look.

This obviously means one thing, and one thing only - RTÉ News is a coven for witches, and that each and every one of the RTÉ News presenters have magical powers.

Not many people know this, but Anne Doyle has the ability to read people's minds, while Dobbo is a werewolf who shapeshifted every time there was a general election.

Keelin Shanley, meanwhile, can lift things without touching them while Aengus Mac Grinna's makeup was just magic all by itself. Sharon Ní Bheoláin, meanwhile, is actually 900 years old but remains youthful looking because she drinks human blood.

It all makes sense now.