We all know RTE newsreader Aengus Mac Grianna is a national treasure over here, but thankfully the rest of the world is now realising it as his famous 'what?!' blooper has made it into an eBay ad, no less.

The ad was part of a campaign on US telly this week as the online retailer sought to draw attention from competitor Amazon's big sale called 'Prime Day'.

Have a look below:

The ad comes as no surprise to Aengus though, who told entertainment.ie: "They had to go through copyright and licensing with RTE, which was all out of my hands, but I was happy to go with it.

"It never seems to go away," he laughed. "Genuinely I was surprised when the request came through. It's hilarious."

Asked about his newfound popularity stateside, he said he didn't really know what the reaction was there but had a few messages on social media and the like from Irish students on J1s who had seen it.

So what actually happened on that fateful day back in January 2013? (Yes, it was that long ago). "There's an automatic clock that counts down when you're going live in studio," Aengus said. "Suddenly it just went to zero and put us on air - it was a technical glitch.

"I could have been saying anything though," he joked.

So guess it could have been a lot worse than a simple 'what'?' and fixing your tie.

Aengus handled it very well at the time though and it looks like his viral power isn't over yet.