Fans of 'Catastrophe' have been waiting patiently for the fourth season of the hit show, which has recently finished filming, but Sharon Horgan confirmed over the weekend that it would be the last.

Speaking to the Second Captains on RTÉ Radio 1 on Saturday, Horgan said: "Sometimes I feel like it’s a good idea to quit while you’re ahead, I mean, we might not be ahead by the end of this season. It might go horribly wrong! The stories came to us really easily and we enjoyed writing it, I suppose we didn’t want to push that. We didn’t want to force stories."

Sharon also revealed she was feeling pretty devastated about saying goodbye to the series: "I've kind of broken down a few times," she said.

"When we did our read-through - because you're reading all six scripts and everyone's there and most people have been involved with it from the very beginning - we got to the last scene of the sixth episode and really, really embarrassingly, I kind of lost my shit a little bit. I just couldn't read it."

Her final scenes with Rob were also very emotional: "Then, on set, when Rob did his last scene, I couldn't even talk to him. I was just like, 'I'm going to email you! Everything I'm feeling now I've got no way I can express it'. I haven't done the email yet."

The Channel 4 comedy began back in 2015 with both Horgan and Delaney winning a BAFTA for their comedy writing while the series has also proved successful stateside on Amazon Prime.

There's no official air date for the final season of 'Catastrophe' with Sharon saying: "We think it's going to go out early next year. But we haven't got a set date yet. We're just editing it at the moment. It'll be ready soon but there's all sorts of stuff you need to work out with the channel [Channel 4] first."