"Here’s the story behind that clip," he said. "I busted my bollocks to be here. Do you see that clip? You can shove it up your fucking hole. That’s what you could do with that clip."

When Tubridy then said it was just a bit of fun, Lynch replied angrily, saying "I don't give a f*ck."

A lot of viewers took to Twitter to comment on Lynch's outburst while RTÉ has received some complaints. A poll we conducted on entertainment.ie over the weekend showed that 69% of you didn't think it was right for him to get angry over the clip.

Dubliner Lynch however stands by his words, telling Niall Boylan on his Classic Hits show yesterday: "As the first time, I, as a dyslexic person, decides to put pen to paper and write my story - what I believe is a really good story - and you have a teacher who shuts you down and tells you 'that's not good enough', because it's not the same as what everybody else does.

"So therefore 25 years later in Boyzone I arrive in this TV studio called RTÉ - in which we are heritage, we have been there for a long time - and they decide from the beginning to try to take us down a peg or two like we f***ing need it. We don't need that kind of s**t.

"The bottom line is I was just disappointed in the fact that we were very young, very innocent, and we had gone on to do amazing things and what you want to do is chop us down? I'll tell you what - everybody who has tried to chop me down, I've cut them down and told them I didn't like it

"I like Ryan Tubridy. If you want to chop me down and try and put me in a place, I'm going to come out fighting. And that's all that happened."

RTÉ have not commented on the incident.

Things should be a lot more warm and fuzzy this Friday out in RTÉ however as it's the much anticipated 'Late Late Toy Show'.