Don't get me wrong, it's great that Chloe's made her transgendered contract killer Irish, but - as it turns out - it's only because she didn't have the balls (apologies) to go with the required Northern English dialect instead.

Of having to adopt something other than her American drawl, she said: "I was terrified. It takes place in the north of England, I said 'I don't want to do a northern accent if everyone else in the cast is from there', so we decided to do a soft southern Irish - so hopefully I was convincing. I worked endlessly with this woman, my coach, she was great and helpful in so many ways. We worked for hours and hours on it."

So us Irish viewers will have to endure her arbitrary "southern Irish" accent instead. Is it convincing? Not if you're from Southern Ireland… Not quite as bad as the efforts previously forced upon us by Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts or Kim Cattrall, but unconvincing all the same.

We do have TV's in Ioreland too te toooh tooooh, ya know, Chloe.