Did LVP sell the story to RadarOnline? Is Kyle Richards full of sh*t? In the tale of two reality stars, we appreciate that two things can be true at once.

Yesterday, Bravo released the trailer for 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' season 12. What they may not have realised was that this week is the three-year anniversary of the catfight that brought us Ken Todd's "Goodbye Kyle" scream.

In the wake of a new season with new stories and a new housewife, Diana Jenkins, it's important to remember the housewives that have come before. Consider this your brief education on the feud that changed the course of Housewives History forever. For those of you who are new to the church of RHOBH, welcome. We'll set the scene.

Who? British firecracker Lisa Vanderpump, AKA "LVP", and diddly-outfit fanatic Kyle Richards, 'Halloween' child star, and a pinch of LVP's hubby, Ken Todd.

What? Kyle insists that LVP has sold a story about her friend, Dorit, to a trashy tabloid. LVP vehemently denies it but it's worth noting that this is not the first time she has been accused of such a thing.

Where? Vanderpump's $20 million little downsize 'Villa Rosa', complete with swings, swans, and more cerise pink than the inside of Nicki Minaj's wardrobe circa 2016.

When? 2019.

Why? The bust-up was huge for the franchise which had hitherto been LVP's kingdom — her whole shtick was that she didn't take anything too seriously and that she was just a witty British lady like any of us. Kyle's claims meant that that image was all a load of hooey and it was ultimately the downfall of the entire LVP/RHOBH empire. Not to mention, the beginning of the Reign of Kyle (Mwahahaha).

Of course, Lisa never admitted to it, but she left the show afterwards and anyone who had been close to her in her nine-season-long supremacy, always ended up turning on her, one by one, with similar claims (insert rattlesnake 'Shade' sound). In her defence, she swore on Giggy's life (while he was still alive) that she didn't do it. She even took a lie detector test to prove her innocence, but the other housewives were having none of it.

As with any reality show, the real judge and jury are the viewers though, and if you haven't seen the event in question, you can watch below. What do you think happened?

'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 12 is out on the 11th of May on various streaming platforms.