Oooohhh Bébé!

We don't want a lot for Christmas this year. There is just one thing we need. More 'Schitt's Creek'. Unfortunately, another season of the comedy series is certainly not on the cards - but we have been gifted with this incredibly satisfying little gem of a mashup instead.

Mariah Carey was a reoccurring theme throughout the series, with David Rose mentioning the singer on a number of occasions. And of course, Patrick melted all of our hearts when he said that David was "my Mariah Carey". Hell, the actual MC turned up to crash their Zoom reunion earlier this year too.

With that in mind, a 'Schitt's Creek' and 'All I Want For Christmas' crossover was inevitable. And luckily for us, digital producer of the series, Calum Shanlin, has created such a pop-culture video for us all to enjoy.

Featuring Christmassy moments of the six seasons, as well as Moira Rose's "bébé", the lyrics to the Mariah Carey track is instead spoken by the characters of the series.

Here's the video for you in all its greatness.


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Now we just want to rewatch the entirety of 'Schitt's Creek' all over again.