We chatted to Ruth Wilson about her new movie, ‘The Little Stranger’, as well as looking back on her time on renowned series ‘The Affair.’

Co-starring Domhnall Gleeson, Will Poulter and Charlotte Rampling, the film follows a doctor who becomes acquainted with the family living in Hundreds Hall, where unexplainable events keep occurring.

Wilson was eager to talk about working with her co-stars on the movie as well as her admiration for its director, Irish Oscar nominee Lenny Abrahamson.

She additionally discussed ‘The Affair’, which the actress played the character of Alison on for four seasons. The character was recently killed off and now the fifth and final season will continue without her.

On where the series could go next, she said, “I don’t really know. I’m not even sure who’s in the next season - I know that Dom [Dominic West] and Maura [Tierney] are doing it, I don’t know if Josh [Joshua Jackson] is.

“I hope it will come full circle in some way. It’ll probably come back to Noah and Helen somehow resolving. I don’t know what the audience wants - they probably want some kind of happiness, right? They probably want some sort of payoff for all the pain.”

Reflecting back on her time on the show, Wilson said that her fondest memories are “always with the actors”, continuing: “They were incredible. I had so much fun with Dominic and Josh and Maura. The four of us had good times and supported each other.

“Out in Montauk, on the beach, we had various bonfires on the beach. I actually hosted a wake on the beach when my character died! I knew there were going to be loads of actors from the show coming in for the funeral so I thought I’d host a party. We had it at the Clam Bar and then we had a bonfire on the beach afterwards. It was very fun.”

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