First Rosenstock,
and now this... They've only been head hunting Alan Hughes as well. They want to whisk him away from the Ireland AM set at 7am to a far more sociable afternoon slot on their new 'Today' show.

Speaking with the Irish Independent yesterday, Alan said: "There were all sorts of things being asked when it started. I was being asked would I consider going to Cork and would I do it. I just said 'No, I'm happy here, this is where I am and this is where I want to stay'. They were 'informal approaches', that's what I would call it, about what would my interest be in going to Cork."

I could be wrong, but it sounds like it was the move to Cork that put him off *ducks*

When the Independent approached RTE about the 'informal approaches', a spokesperson curtly responded: "We would not comment on the selection process on presenters." "Selection process", eeeeh?

Ireland AM's anchor for the last 13 years, Mark Cagney, expressed surprise that RTE haven't managed to come across with some morning show competition, saying: "I'm kind of shocked they haven't done it already. And if they do, bring it on, because competition draws the market. So it will actually be better for us, we could grow the market."

It'll never happen, Mark, imagine how much they'd have to pay their presenters to get up at that hour.