There are many in RTE we judge, laugh at, generally take great joy in casually ripping the piss out of them - it's not personal, mostly. However, this dude we will not hear one bad word against, it's Aengus 'what?!' MacGrianna!

The newsreader will be celebrating 25 years on the telly and will have his partner Terry Gill on with him tonight as the the pair chat about their upcoming wedding too.

As well as his good self, Dr. Zhivago and Lawrence of Arabia star Omar Sharif will be talking to Ryan along with writer/director Jim Sheridan.

On top of all that, Dara O' Briain will be on for a chat, so guaranteed lols there.

You want to see that Aengus clip again, don't you? We know you do.

Here he is featured all the way over in 'de America on Jimmy Kimmel Live getting an Excellence in Reporting Award...