If there's one TV programme that's a guaranteed winner with Irish audiences of all ages, it's 'Reeling in the Years'.

The programme, which compiles stock footage of newsworthy events from a particular year and pairs it with music released in the same year, has been hugely popular since it debuted on RTE in 1999.

In fact, it was voted "most popular home-produced TV programme ever" in a poll conducted by the RTE Guide in 2008, and we're willing to bet that it would retain that title in an updated poll.

However, until now we've only seen episodes from 1962 to 2009, with the 2010s hitherto absent from the show.

That's all set to change, though, as the show's producers have confirmed that the last decade will be featured in a forthcoming sixth series - despite the national broadcaster facing serious financial problems.

RTE told TheJournal.ie: "There are plans for a future series but no broadcast dates or details are confirmed at this time.”

Fingers crossed that it'll happen in the next year - but watch this space for any updates as we have them.