'Reeling In The Years' is that most rare of things in Irish popular culture - something created by RTÉ that basically everyone likes and can agree is actually good.

The mixture of witty musical choices paired with the stories of the day, often layered with a sense of irony, almost feels like a punchline itself. We've all saw something happen and said, "Oh, that'll end up on 'Reeling In The Years' at some point..."

But what about when you remove the context altogether, then? What if it's just random photos and videos taken from various episodes of 'Reeling In The Years' then? Is it still funny? Having enjoyed the content on 'No Context Reeling In The Years' on Twitter for the past week, the answer is undoubtedly yes.

What's funny on its own with context takes on a sort of bizarre, almost meta-humour when you strip parts of it away.

Definitely worth a follow in our book. Here's a few examples.