A record amount of viewers were watching the Oprah interview on RTÉ 2 live last night.

Given that all of yesterday (and let's face it - the whole week beforehand) was dedicated to the topic, it's no surprise that RTÉ 2's Oprah interview with Harry and Meghan last night was its most-watched title of the year.

725,000 Irish viewers tuned in live to see the much-talked-about interview, with a further 100,000 watching it via the RTÉ Player so far. Viewers aged 15 to 34 age held the majority of the share, with 64% of the demographic tuning in. 

That staggering figure means that the channel held a 53.5% share of all viewers in Ireland on Monday night. The statistics were compiled by TV ratings company TAM/Nielsen.

There were similar statistics reported over in the UK, where the episode premiered on ITV. More than 11 million viewers watched the interview.

The Oprah exclusive originally aired over in the States on Sunday night, with 17.1 million watching on TV network CBS. With the US having exclusivity, this meant that by Monday morning our social media feeds were already bursting with reaction and commentary. While watching the one hour 45-minute interview last night, Irish Twitter still had plenty of reaction left to give while it unfolded.

Among the topics covered throughout was Meghan admitting that she had had extremely worrying, suicidal thoughts in the past, and wasn't given any help from her inlaws or her team. She also revealed that one member of the Royal family questioned "how dark his skin might be when he's born", referring to the skin colour of the couple's then-unborn child, Archie.

Via RTE.